Rp44 trillion in budget fund needed to improve workers competence

The government has proposed Rp44 trillion in budget funds to help enhance Indonesian workers competence through vocational education and training in five years time.

“As far as budget funds are concerned, we predict that we will need nearly Rp44 trillion in the next five years. The amount is less than 10 percent of general education budget, reaching Rp414 trillion,” Coordinating Minister for Maritime Affairs Rizal Ramli said in a press briefing here on Tuesday.

He said he had conveyed the proposal to President Joko Widodo and it will be discussed at a cabinet meeting.

One of the factors underlying the proposal is that vocational programs have been available in the form of vocational schools and job training centers, he said.

“What is important is trainers. Each job training center will employ a country partner and a corporate associate,” he said.

Country partner means cooperation with other countries in the field of training, covering instructors, curricula and job instruments, he said.

“For instance, we will cooperate with Germany, which is good at machinery or automotive industry, in developing infrastructure and equipment,” he said.

Corporate associate companies from donor countries in the relevant industry. These firms will be involved in the efforts to adjust the learning processes as per the needs of the existing industries, he said.

“Corporate associate means a relevant company, such as BMW or Mercy. Trainers will come from these companies,” he said.

Source: Antara News