May 15, 2021

Russian Embassy Wishes Cambodia Abundant Harvest

The Embassy of Russia in Cambodia has sent congratulatory message to the Cambodian people on the Royal Ploughing Day.
“Today Cambodia marks the day of the Royal Ploughing Ceremony, which signifies the beginning of the crops planting season,” said the embassy.
After the traditional first ploughing, the oxen are presented with the trays of paddy, beans, corn, sesame, water, wine and grass, it continued, underlining that according to the appetite of the animals, people forecast the harvest results.
Amid the difficult period of coronavirus pandemic, the labour of the workers of the agricultural sector who provide the whole country with the food and ensure the population’s well-being is of utmost importance, it added.
“Embassy of Russia congratulates the friendly Cambodian people with the holiday, and wishes health, prosperity and abundant harvest,” concluded the message.
Cambodia has cancelled the celebration of the annual Royal Ploughing Ceremony for two consecutive years due to COVID-19 pandemic threats.

Source: Agency Kampuchea Press

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