Safe and Healthy K-Food, Gold Medal in “Food Olympic Games”

The Ministry of Agriculture, Food and Rural Affairs (MAFRA, Minister Lee Dong-phil) will carry out a wide array of PR activities to publicize Korean agricultural products and food to people around the world during the 31st Summer Olympic Games in Rio de Janeiro, Brazil.

? They are planning to run “Taste of Korea,” a PR booth in the Joint PR Booth on the Pyeongchang Winter Olympic Games fromAugust 6 – 21, 2016 at Copacabana Beach, a famous tourist destination in Rio de Janeiro, Brazil.

? The PR booth will feature Korea’s popular agricultural export products and food such as ginseng, kimchi, Makgeoli (rice wine), citrus tea and Bulgogi (Korean barbecue) and hold a sampling event for them.

? In addition, they will actively publicize Korean food by holding various DIY events, giving away K-Food gift sets and running a Korean food truck.

? On top of that, they will ramp up a K-Food fever by opening a Korean food corner on the homepages of Mercode and Konbini, both of which are representative shopping sites of Brazil, and by carrying out promotion and PR activities through the corner.

? The MAFRA is steadily engaging in market development activities in order to expand the export of Korean agricultural products and foods in the Central and South American regions, including Brazil. In October of last year, major buyers of the regions organized the Korean Agricultural Product and Food Buyers Assocation (chairman Ha Yun-sang), which is now serving as a bridgehead to Central and South America.

? The Korean Agricultural Product and Food Buyers Assocation will supply Korean-made kimchi to Korean athletes who will compete in the Olympic Games via deliberations with the Brazil Olympic Committee.

? “The Central and South American agricultural and food market, including the Brazilian market, is a market with great growth potential for K-Food, as Korea’s agricultural product and food exports to the regions grew over 28.4% to US$ 76.1 million in July from a year before. We anticipate that Korea will export more agricultural products and foods to the Central and South American regions as well as Brazil with this project as momentum,” said an official at the MAFRA.

* Korea’s export of agricultural products and food to Central and South America: US$107.7 million (2015) –> US$ 76.1 million (estimated)(July, 2016)

Source: Ministry of Agricultural Food And Rural Affairs