Senate Approves Amendment to Political Party Law

The proposed amendment to the Law on Political Parties was unanimously approved by the Senate in its extraordinary meeting held here yesterday under the chairmanship of its President Samdech Vibol Sena Pheakdei Say Chhum.

The 45 senators who were present at the session voted for the proposed amendment.

Speaking after the extraordinary session, H.E. Mam Bunneang, Spokesperson of the Senate, said that the proposed amendment has two important points. First, he explained, it maintains political stability and prevents the nation from war and national division, and second it was carefully elaborated and quoted key points from the 1997 law and will serve the interests of the nation, people and all political parties.

On Feb. 20, the proposed amendment to Political Party Law was approved by 66 lawmakers.

Under this amended law, any individual who is convicted of a crime or who is a prisoner cannot become the president and vice-president of a political party. If the leader of a political party committed a serious offence, that political party could be dissolved, and the political rights of the party’s management are suspended for a certain period of time.

Source: Agency Kampuchea Press