Singapore Red Cross launches psychological first aid course

The Singapore Red Cross on Saturday (Sep 10) launched Singapore's first ever course for psychological first aid.

The one-day course, which was launched at the annual World First Aid Day, will teach participants how to deal with emotional distress in times of crisis. This course is also the first such initiative in Southeast Asia.

Participants will learn how to recognise signs of distress, calm the victim down and stabilise the situation so that it does not escalate. They will also be shown how to deal with vulnerable groups of people.

The move comes in the face of increasing global security threats, and supports the SGSecure initiative by helping citizens to be prepared for adversity.

The Singapore Red Cross also noted that the region has inadequate psychological care. So it plans to build Singapore up as a regional training centre for Psychological First Aid.

"First aid has got a broad spectrum of applications," said Member of Parliament for Tampines GRC and Minister for the Environment and Water Resources Masagos Zulkifli, who was at the event. "That could involve what you do as a first responder, to also what you do to help calm down the victim, or someone who is waiting for emergency support. Therefore, understanding the whole spectrum of first aid is useful, and I'm glad that Red Cross is now raising awareness about psychological first aid for everybody."

A record was also set at the event for the nation's largest first aid demonstration, which involved some 450 Red Cross volunteers and youths.

Source: Government of Singapore