Soldiers arrive in Sulu to augment the ongoing military offensive against Abu Sayyaf

A picture made available on 01 September 2016 shows Filipino soldiers disembarking from a cargo plane at a military airstrip in Jolo, Sulu island, southern Philippines, 31 August 2016. According to media reports, President Rodrigo Duterte ordered an intensified military offensive against the Abu Sayyaf, following the death of 15 soldiers in a clash between the army and militants Abu Sayyaf. The military deployed an additional five battalions, or about 2,500 soldiers, to the island province, Armed Forces of the Philippines spokesman Brigider General Restituto Padilla said. The Abu Sayyaf group was founded in 1991 by a handful of veterans of the Afghan war against the Soviet Union and is responsible for some of the attacks in the Philippines.

Source: Cyprus News Agency