South Korean Company To Build Cassava Processing Factory in Kratie

SINGSONG Industrial (Cambodia) Co., Ltd., newly established by SINGSONG Industrial Co., Ltd. of the Republic of Korea, is planning to invest in the construction of a cassava processing factory in Kratie northeastern province.

According to the Ministry of Environment, the company is working with SAWAC Consultants (Cambodia) Co., Ltd. in conducting social and environmental impact assessment on the investment plan.

This factory would be built on an area of 22.9 hectares in O’ Russey 2 village, Sangkat O’ Russey, Kratie city, Kratie province.

SINGSONG Industrial Co., Ltd. is worldwide food manufacturer and trader of agricultural products. This company has vision to be the first grade of international enterprise through cassava starch production and trading of grain.

Source: Agency Kampuchea Press