Sultan of Perak Celebrates Birthday by Providing Special Lunch for Batu Gajah Detainees

BATU GAJAH — In a heartfelt gesture coinciding with his 67th birthday, Sultan Nazrin Shah of Perak sponsored a special lunch for the detainees at the Batu Gajah Moral Rehabilitation Centre (PPA).

According to BERNAMA News Agency, who attended the event representing His Royal Highness, a total of 480 detainees benefited from the food donation. The Batu Gajah PPA director, assistant prisons commissioner Marzuki Azmi Bidi, was also present during the distribution.

Langs, a 31-year-old detainee from Sabah, conveyed his appreciation for Sultan Nazrin Shah’s act of generosity. He emphasized that such compassion from His Royal Highness serves as an encouragement for detainees to pursue positive changes in their lives post-release.

Erieyna, 26, another detainee, reflected on the significance of the contribution, acknowledging that it serves as a reminder that individuals in their situation are not forgotten and that encouragement is essential for their rehabilitation.

The special lunch is part of a series of charitable acts by Sultan Nazrin Shah, who also provided for 7,100 individuals incarcerated at various correctional facilities, including Tapah Prison, Taiping Prison, Kamunting Correctional Centre, and Batu Gajah PPA.

The provision of the lunch treat was made possible through personal funds from Sultan Nazrin Shah, highlighting his commitment to the well-being of prisoners and detainees under his reign.