Supply of Office Buildings Continue in Phnom Penh’s Market

Office buildings of 20,000 square metres in Phnom Penh capital have been introduced into the market for 2018, according to local media report.

The expert in the field, Chief Executive Officer at VTRUST Group Mr. Kuy Vat, expressed his optimism of the demand for office building supply, giving increase of investment in Cambodia.

Of the three defined categories of the office � 'A' considered as the best equipped, 'B' better, and 'C' averagely � said Mr. Kuy Vat, stressing that 'B' is most needed in the market.

Based on the report from a leading real estate service provider CBRE Cambodia, the rent of 'A' type office is between US$28-30, 'B' US$18-25, and 'C' US$10-15 per square metre.

In terms of supply scope, added the report, 'A' type office covers about 16 percent of the total office supply in the market, followed by 'B' 20 percent, and 'C' 64 percent.

The newest office buildings being introduced to the market in Phnom Penh are Key Stone and Oral Office Tower.

Source: Agency Kampuchea Press