Swiss SIKA company plans to produce construction materials in Azerbaijan

Switzerland’s SIKA company plans to start production on the territory of Sumgait Chemical Industrial Park in the first quarter of 2017, Adem Yayla, general manager at SIKA Azerbaijan, told reporters March 17.

He said the company plans to complete the construction of a plant on the park’s territory by late 2016 and start the production of construction mixtures from 2017.

“We plan to produce the construction mixtures which are currently imported by the country,” said Yayla. “Initially, the products will be used for the park’s needs (around 300 tons per year) and then the country. But we plan to start the export of our products within 2017.”

He noted that Azerbaijan has great potential not only to meet the domestic demand for construction materials, but also export it to neighboring countries.

“Azerbaijan has great potential. We believe in this, therefore, we decided to invest in Azerbaijan,” said Yayla.

Sika LLC, a division of Swiss SIKA AG, created a plant for manufacturing concrete mixers in Baku in 2015.

Source: TREND