Taiwan Mobile mulls investment opportunities in India, Indonesia

Taiwan Mobile Co one of Taiwan’s leading telecom operators, said Wednesday that it is studying the possibility of investing in the telecom markets of India and Indonesia.

In an annual general meeting, Taiwan Mobile Chairman Richard Tsai  told shareholders that the telecom markets in India and Indonesia have good potential for growth, so his company is evaluating opportunities to invest there.

Taking the Indian market as an example. Tsai said that while there are many telecom services providers there, leading to higher competition and a price war, the market has a huge population that creates business opportunities, in particular in data transmission, which is expected to rise.

Tsai said that Taiwan Mobile is evaluating the likelihood of teaming up with telecom operators in India to win a slice of the fourth-generation market at a time when the Indian market is migrating to 4G technology. But any plan about investment in India still needs time to be finalized, he said.

E-commerce Business

In addition to the expansion in telecom services overseas, Tsai said that Taiwan Mobile has been eying the e-commerce business in the Southeast Asian market, adding that momo.com, an e-commerce subsidiary of Taiwan Mobile, has been gearing up to explore the market in the Philippines and Vietnam.

In particular, Tsai said that momo.com is seeking a business partner in the Philippine market and an agreement on such a strategic partnership is expected to be reached by the end of this year. Currently, Taiwan Mobile holds a 51 percent stake in momo.com, which has been listed on the local main board since December 2014.

In Thailand, momo.com owns a 35 percent stake in e-commerce operator TVD Shopping. Tsai said that TVD Shopping has become profitable and is planning to file an application next year to list its shares in the equity market in Thailand.

OTT Content Business

At home, Tsai said, Taiwan Mobile is determined to develop the third party payment business, since the industry in Taiwan remains in an initial stage, while his company is planning to kick off the over-the-top (OTT) content business by signing up for good drama scripts and movies from across the Taiwan Strait.

OTT content can be transmitted through delivery of audio, video, and other media over the internet without the involvement of a multiple-system operator.

Source: China Post