Tax Officials Discussed DTA

Tax officials from all Khan’s and provinces across Cambodia have gathered recently to discuss the double tax agreement (DTA) between Cambodia and country counterparts, in particular Singapore.

Taking place here in Phnom Penh, the discussion was chaired by Mr. Vann Puthipol, Deputy Director General of the General Department of Taxation of the Ministry of Economy and Finance.

The gathering, said Mr. Vann Puthipol, demonstrates an intention to further update knowledge among concerned tax officials to catch up with latest regional and global context, especially the happening ASEAN Economic Community.

As added by the deputy director general, double tax agreement aims to evade double taxation. In so doing, it boosts bilateral cooperation between Cambodia and partner countries, attracts more investments and mitigates cheating.

Cambodia has entered double tax agreement with Singapore in late May this year and is negotiating with other countries for such agreement.

Source: Agence Kampuchea Press