Teluk Intan Receives RM3.4 Million Allocation for Drainage Maintenance Ahead of Monsoon Season

TELUK INTAN — The Ministry of Local Government Development has earmarked RM3.4 million for the Teluk Intan Municipal Council to upgrade and maintain drainage systems to mitigate flooding risks during the upcoming Northeast Monsoon.

According to BARNAMA News Agency, the Minister of Local Government Development, the special allocation will facilitate immediate cleaning and repair works of the district’s drainage infrastructure. The initiative targets areas frequently affected by flooding, reflecting a proactive approach to disaster management and readiness.

The allocated funds are designated for the rectification of obstructed and deteriorating drainage systems. Nga, serving as the Member of Parliament for Teluk Intan, underscored the importance of this infrastructure development, recalling the town’s history of recurrent flooding incidents over the past six decades.

While addressing the media post the laptop distribution ceremony at Sekolah Jenis Kebangsaan (Tamil) Sithambaram Pillay, Nga mentioned that this funding by KPKT is specifically for residential areas, whereas traditional villages would receive similar support from the Ministry of Rural and Regional Development.

Moreover, Nga issued a stern message to contractors responsible for the drainage maintenance, asserting that substandard performance could lead to the termination of their contracts. He emphasized the need for the local council to closely monitor the deployment of these funds to guarantee their effective utilization.

Nga confirmed plans to review the council’s action plan, signaling his intention to oversee the optimal use of the allocation for the town’s preparedness against potential monsoon-induced floods.