Thai National E-payment System To Operate In 2017

BANGKOK, May 30 (Bernama) — Thailand’s Ministry of Finance has affirmed that a National E-Payment system will be up and running by Jan 1, 2017, Vietnam News Agency (VNA) reported, citing the National News Bureau of Thailand (NNT).

Minister of Finance, Apisak Tantiworawong, said that the setting up of a national electronic payment system, designed to reduce the need for cash transactions, has made considerable progress.

The system is now adding an “Any ID” capability that will allow citizens to use either their identification numbers or phone numbers to perform financial transactions without the need of a bank account.

The system will be opened for registration on July 15 and starts limited operation in the fourth quarter.

Other crucial steps taking place include the installation of over 100,000 electronic payment machines at government stores by September, the Revenue Department allowing for tax payments to be done completely digitally by October, and for payments to the state to be made electronic by end of this year.