BANGKOK, Thailand — Former Thai Prime Minister Yingluck Shinawatra’s whereabouts are still not confirmed, said Sivara Rangsipromnakul, the national deputy police chief on Friday, after photos showing Yingluck shopping in Britain went viral.

He said Interpol did not admit that Yingluck was in Britain. Police is trying to find out when and where the photos were taken.

There has been an apparent sighting of ousted former prime minister Yingluck Shinawatra in Britain, photos posted in Thai social media showed on Friday.

Yingluck was doing some shopping in Westfield Mall on Tuesday, claims New TV 18, a Thai local media, saying someone saw the fugitive former prime minister appeared in Britain and released the pictures.

The Pheu Thai party led by Yingluck said they are not sure whether Yingluck is in London, as her attorney has been out of touch with her since she secretly left the country. The party said they could not tell whether the pictures are true or false.

The National Security Council said they received initial reports saying Yingluck has been living in a private house. Yet they couldn’t locate her.

Yingluck’s brother Thaksin, a deposed former Thai prime minister who has been living in self-imposed exile, was seen in Japan recently. Thaksin was enjoying cooking in the photos where Yingluck did not show up.

Yingluck was found guilty of negligence over her loss-ridden rice pledging scheme by Thailand’s supreme court. In late September, the court sentenced her to five years in prison, a verdict delivered in absentia a month after she fled the country.

The verdict was due to be delivered on Aug. 25, but Yingluck shocked the nation and thousands of supporters who had gathered at the court by failing to turn up.

Her exact whereabouts are unknown, though sources said she fled to Cambodia and flew via Singapore to Dubai. Some said she was seeking asylum in Britain.

The Thai government revoked her four passports in late October, including two ordinary passports and two diplomatic.

A media report said that Britain has issued Yingluck with a passport. Thai Prime Minister Prayut Chan-o-cha has brushed aide the report, saying he had not received any information about the matter.