The Negeri Sembilan government is organising the Perpatih Fest, with the aim of strengthening the Adat Perpatih and promoting its uniqueness among the younger generation and those from other states.

Menteri Besar, Datuk Seri Aminuddin Harun, said that the unique customary practices of Adat Perpatih could be promoted as the state tourism’s main products.

Themed ‘Seadat Tidak Seresam’, the festival, held for the first time, with an allocation of RM500,000, will offer visitors a gastronomic experience through its scrumptious food promotion.

“I am sure that those who participate in this festival will feel the importance of this unique customary practice to be maintained, as it is only practised in Negeri Sembilan,” he told reporters after officiating the three-day festival, which began today.

Aminuddin said that the festival will also provide an understanding of the custom and culture to outsiders through seeing, listening and discussing.

He said the festival, held in collaboration with the Negeri Sembilan Museum Board, will also involve Luak Berundang, Wilayah Tunku Besar Tampin and Luak Tanah 10 Mengandung, and is expected to attract 10,000 visitors.

“Insya Allah, it will become an annual event. Perhaps, it will be held in other districts to create interest among the younger generation to preserve Adat Perpatih,” he said.

He added that most of the Adat Perpatih practitioners in the state are from the Malay community, which is based on the matrilineal pattern, which takes tribal lineage from the maternal side, unlike Adat Temengung which emphasises the paternal side.

Aminuddin said in Adat Perpatih, there are 12 clans, namely Biduanda, Batu Hampar, Mungkal, Seri Lemak, Paya Kumboh, Tiga Nenek, Seri Melenggang, Batu Belang, Tanah Datar, Anak Acheh, Anak Melaka and Tiga Batu.

Also at the event, Aminuddin launched the ‘Identiti Negeri Sembilan’ (Negeri Sembilan’s identity), comprising customs, architecture and traditional cuisine.

The festival also includes demonstrations of traditional games, including batu seremban; Luak-Luak exhibition; sale of products from local entrepreneurs; a concert and Forum Perdana.

Source: BERNAMA News Agency