Three More Medals Earned at Water Jet Ski World Series 2023

Cambodian Jet Ski riders on Oct. 6 won three more medals—one gold, one silver, and one bronze—at the Water Jet Ski World Series 2023, round 3, taking place from Oct. 4 to 8 in Lake Havasu city, the United States of America.

The gold medallist is Mr. Saly Ou Moeut, while the silver and bronze medallists are Mr. Min Mustan and Mr. Saly Philin, respectively.

As of Oct. 6, Cambodian Jet Ski athletes earned nine medals, including four gold, four silver, and one bronze.

The Water Jet Ski World Series 2023, round 1, took place in Poland from May 18 to 21, while round 2 was organised in France from July 27 to 30.

The final round of the games will happen in Thailand on Dec. 13-17.

A group of nine Cambodian Jet Ski riders led by Mr. Saly Ou Moeut departed Cambodia for the U.S. on Sept. 24.

Source: Agence Kampuchea Presse