May 15, 2021

Three Private Hospitals Authorised for COVID-19 Treatment

The Ministry of Health has officially allowed three private hospitals in Phnom Penh to examine, care and treat COVID-19 patients.
The three private hospitals are Central, Royal Phnom Penh, and Visalsok Poly Clinic, pointed out the ministry in an announcement released this evening.
The source added that the above-said hospitals had been also granted the right to conduct Rapid Antigen Test COVID-19.
According to the ministry, the hospitals considered qualified for the treatment of coronavirus patients are those with adequate location and parking, ambulances with enough medical equipment, appropriate and safe patient rooms, and emergency room with adequate medical materials.
They are also required to have enough trained medical doctors and staff, a laboratory, adequate medical equipment and materials, infection prevention and control management system in accordance with the MoH’s instructions and medical waste management system, and to give regular and timely report to the Ministry of Health.

Source: Agency Kampuchea Press

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