Top speed: Mitsubishi Electric’s world’s fastest elevator travels 1,230 metres per minute

Mitsubishi Electric Corp said on Tuesday it has developed the world’s fastest elevator, giving the Japanese electrical machinery maker the lead over its rivals in the competitive industry.

Mitsubishi Electric said its technology will be installed in one of the three elevators at the 632-metre Shanghai Tower, China’s tallest building, with the technology to hurtle the elevator up the building at a top speed of 1,230 metres per minute.

The three elevators currently are designed to travel at 1,080 metres per minute.

The Tokyo-based firm said the technology will be delivered to the tower in Shanghai in July. The skyscraper complex is set to be fully complete within this year.

The existing elevator can travel from the second floor of the basement to the 119th floor in only 53 seconds, according to Mitsubishi Electric.

The current world record for elevator speed is 1,010 meters per minute, achieved by a Toshiba Corp-made elevator in Taiwan.

Hitachi Ltd, meanwhile, is scheduled to deliver in autumn an elevator with a speed of 1,200 meters per minute to a building in China currently under construction.

Source: South China Morning Post