December 10, 2022

Two Masters, One from the East and One from the West, Meet In Shenzhen’s MANOR VIRTUOUS

Legendary Wall Street investor Jim Rogers meets with contemporary Chinese jade carving master Wu Desheng at the MANOR VIRTUOUS luxury villa complex in China’s Shenzhen

The ultra-high-value urban asset enables masters in international capital and Chinese art to ignite a new spark of interest

SHENZHEN, China, July 31, 2014 /PRNewswire/ — Legendary Wall Street investor Jim Rogers visited the MANOR VIRTUOUS luxury villa complex in Shenzhen, China on June 29. Often dubbed as the “enfant terrible of Wall Street,” he is well-known worldwide for his excellent investment performance. His twice breaking of the Guinness World Records for round-the-world travel and his known exploit of tooling around China by motorcycle in the 1980s went a long way towards creating a charismatic aura around his persona. In his view, Shenzhen’s MANOR VIRTUOUS is “much like a piece of beautiful jade, not only because of its aesthetic magnificence but also as an object of very high value. In many parts of the world, it is impossible to come upon such architectural masterpieces.”

A group photo of Jim Rogers, MANOR VIRTUOUS owner Zhou Qing and Wu Desheng at the event

Prior to Jim Rogers’ visit, the architectural work at MANOR VIRTUOUS had also been highly praised by a master from China’s fine arts community – the contemporary Chinese jade carving master Wu Desheng, who is widely recognized as “the first artist to give jade carving characters new lives.” The jade carving master ensured the recognition of the high aesthetic value of architecture, when, as the authoritative voice in China’s art business world, he gave his stamp of approval. If Jim Rogers represents the world of international finance’s recognition of Shenzhen’s high value real estate asset, Wu Desheng represents a true aesthetic disciple drawing a link between or even a convergence of Chinese traditional art and the best of modern urban architecture.

What aspects of this high value urban asset enabled the meeting of international high finance and Chinese art and led to the creation of this new spark of interest? In other words, what secrets in terms of value were revealed when two top masters in different domains, one from the East and one from the West, met in MANOR VIRTUOUS?

Behind Rogers’ optimism about China – International capital eyes luxury residences in first-tier cities

An abundant crop of silver hair, a wondrous sense of humor, a hearty laugh, a pink bow tie and pink overalls…Jim Rogers said the overalls he wears display his favorite “Chinese dragon” element, demonstrating that he likes and, as always, is bullish on China. Despite his sometimes bearish comments on China’s economy, Jim opined, “The world’s largest creditor nations are in Asia, among them, China, South Korea, Japan and Singapore, and the largest debtor nations are the United States and several countries across Europe, and those debt levels are still increasing. A debt-ridden country will eventually find itself with a crisis on its hands. China is lucky in this respect. If the 19th century belonged to England and the 20th belonged to the United States, then the 21st belongs to China.”

So what about collectable luxury residences in China’s first-tier cities such as the MANOR VIRTUOUS complex? Jim Rogers confidently gave an answer to that question in his keynote speech when he said, “MANOR VIRTUOUS is based on a highly aesthetic architectural design that is rarely seen anywhere around the globe.” Commenting on urban real estate investment, the legendary investor added, “Although the real estate market always has its ups and downs, purchasing a top-level property such as MANOR VIRTUOUS helps maintain and increase the value of a portfolio as such property is least affected in a sluggish market.” Comparing a real estate investment with an investment in jade, something which he is interested in but has never tried, he said, “If I choose to invest in jade, I will be sure to invest in the best jade has to offer, just as I always do in real estate. MANOR VIRTUOUS , a top luxury residence in China’s first-tier city, is just like a very beautifully-carved and valuable piece of jade.”

Wu Desheng and MANOR VIRTUOUS share the same view when it comes to aesthetics – Unique artistic features add to the “scarcity” value of top-level urban residences

Sharing the same viewpoint as Jim Rogers, a master from the Chinese art community also sees the high value in MANOR VIRTUOUS. Chinese jade carving artist Wu Desheng, who has engaged in collaborative efforts with the luxury villa complex, is recognized as the world’s contemporary jade carving expert. He draws a close parallel between the pursuit of aesthetic excellence engaged in by both the masters of Chinese traditional art and those who design and build urban luxury residences.

Wu Desheng’s award-winning jade carvings have been snapped up by Chinese and foreign collectors. His sculptures of nude women integrate the physical characteristics of both European and American women with the traditional concepts of what constitutes the facial features of a beautiful Chinese woman. By incorporating the essence of great sculptors such as Rodin and Michelangelo into an oriental art form and giving a new connotation to Chinese traditional figure carving, he has developed a new aesthetic “standard” for Chinese jade culture with modern forms of presentation and design concepts.

The meeting in MANOR VIRTUOUS of Wu Desheng and Jim Rogers, two masters in their respective domains, one from the East and one from the West, represents a new milestone. Rogers compared real estate investment with jade investment by describing MANOR VIRTUOUS as a fine piece of jade. Wu Desheng said that he hopes Jim Rogers’ visit can promote Eastern and Western cultural exchanges. Rogers responded that Chinese, as the most important symbol of Chinese culture, will become the world’s most important language in the future, and said jokingly that he would settle in China once the quality of the air improves.

When Jim Rogers meets Wu Desheng – MANOR VIRTUOUS creates super high-value urban asset platform

The existence of such a collectable asset platform as MANOR VIRTUOUS led to the historical meeting between Wu and Rogers. As China’s global influence rises and with the 21st century well on track to belonging to China, the critical window of opportunity for investing in China’s cities and in their high-value assets will be short-lived. Luxury residences from China’s first-tier cities are increasingly drawing attention and being favored by international holders and managers of capital assets. Just as classic luxury properties such as London’s One Hyde Park and New York’s One57 once sparked an investment fever, investing in high-value urban assets means collecting the best of what cities have to offer.

Chinese culture has been experiencing unprecedented prosperity as the roster of world’s most important cultural events featuring Chinese elements grows ever longer. To wit, Chinese ceramics are being favored by top art collectors worldwide, a growing entourage of Chinese actors are getting title roles in Hollywood movies, and an increasing number of artists such as Wu Desheng are dedicated to integrating Chinese and western cultures and art forms into their work.

MANOR VIRTUOUS, the luxury residential complex at the top of the value chain, is an epitome of the above-mentioned hard and soft power behind China’s international value, and represents a perfect combination of Chinese culture and international capital. MANOR VIRTUOUS, which led to the historical meeting between Wu Desheng and Jim Rogers, has become an irreplaceable platform where masters in their respective domains can congregate.

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