USAID Supports Women in Cambodia and Other Two ASEAN Countries

More than 385,000 Cambodian, Vietnamese and Filipino women are expected to benefit from an US$8-million Women's Livelihoods Bond guaranteed by the U.S. Agency for International Development (USAID), said a press release of USAID made public this afternoon.

The bond will provide the women with access to credit, market linkages, and affordable goods and services to help their companies grow, it pointed out.

According to the same source, the Women's Livelihood Bond will provide capital to a group of microfinance institutions and social enterprises that will help low-income women transition from subsistence to sustainable livelihoods and build the women's resilience to socio-economic stresses. Long-term benefits, in addition to more successful women-owned businesses, include increased participation in the workforce, higher standards of living, and more education and health opportunities for women and children

USAID is pleased to be backing the Women's Livelihood Bond with this loan guarantee, said Mr. Todd Sorenson, Deputy Mission Director at USAID's Regional Development Mission for Asia in Bangkok. The bond benefits women living in ASEAN states and was put together by an ASEAN-based company.

Source: Agency Kampuchea Press