December 6, 2021

Vaccine Equity is a Human Right: Daily Brief

Need for data privacy protection in Cambodia; calling on Morocco to release activist Omar Radi; China should ensure independent investigations for Xinjiang; Amnesty International reports on inequalities worsened by Covid-19; UK should act on Myanmar situation; Kenya exempts tax on HIV drugs donation after public pressure; HRW podcast showcases LGBT migrant’s activism.
Universal and affordable vaccine access is the only way to ensure equity as the world begins to exit the Covid-19 pandemic and ensure the protection of the right to health globally.
With heightened state surveillance and no data protection laws, Cambodia’s Covid-19 contact tracing QR Code system raises human serious rights and privacy concerns.
To begin the path to justice, independent investigations into the human rights situation in Xinjiang are key for Uighur Muslims who have experienced serious abuses in China.
Amnesty International’s annual report released today highlights how the pandemic has exposed existing inequalities globally.
As a leader in the UN Security Council, the United Kingdom should urgently take significant action on Myanmar.
The Kenya government has exempted tax payment on a donation of HIV drugs at a port after public pressure. Despite concerns of a looming shortage, the government held the drugs for months demanding the tax payment.
And finally, listen to the latest episode of Power of The Streets podcast, this week showcasing the activism of Thomars Shamuyarira, an African LGBT migrant in South Africa.

Source: Human Rights Watch

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