Visiting Koh Thom District to honor and reward graduating high school students

H.E. Sun Chanthol, Senior Minister, Minister of Public Works and Transport and Chairman of the National Working Group for Koh Thom district, led a delegation to honor and recognize the accomplishments of the high school students of Koh Thom District who passed the National Grade 12 Exam on August 22, 2016.

As Minister Sun had promised on a previous visit, he rewarded each of the graduating students with 100 000 Riel and, for the 5 students who passed with a Grade A, a motorbike to each of them.

355 students amongst the 590 students successfully passed the Exam from Koh Thom District, representing 60.2% of that student body.

Minister Sun expressed his pleasure and pride for the efforts of the students, teachers, and their parents, all of whom together had worked towards reaching this accomplishment through hard work, a passion for learning and encouragement, all of which resulted in this positive success for these students.

He encouraged all of the successful students to continue their path of learning and growth and to continue moving their journey forward in institutions of higher education or vocational training centers so as to build a secure and happy future for themselves and their country.

Source: Ministry of Public Works and Transport