What the future holds under a Duterte presidency

Rodrigo Duterte just missed his chance at proving wrong, not only Sen. Antonio Trillanes but also his critics, about his billions in his bank accounts, even at just the Bank of Philippine Islands bank, when he, despite the appearance of his lawyer with a power of attorney, refused to give the history of transactions of Duterte’s BPI account.

Duterte apparently believes he can get away with his admitted corrupt practices, because of his fanatical supporters who are his monstrous mobsters that can continously bully anyone who makes his criticism of Duterte public.

The fact that Duterte refused to show the history of his accounts at the BPI, using all sorts of excuses, such as the accuser’s issuance of an affidavit stating where and how he obtained the so-called transactions in the billions belonging in Duterte’s accounts, merely proves that indeed, Duterte does have billions in his accounts, but quickly depleted the billions either through transfers or were kept hidden elsewhere by Duterte, which makes him not only a certified liar but also a cheater.

Duterte may well become the next president of the Philippines, but he, as the MalacaAang tenant, will bring the country and the nation to perdition. And despite his promise to usher in a clean government, Duterte can’t possibly bring this about, considering that he would no doubt be the number one corrupt president, and worse, those whom he will appoint, will folow the leader. His co-mobsters, will certainly be free to raid the government funds.

This is the change he and his supporters will usher in a Duterte government, which will be characterized with corruption, lies, murders, and total opaqueness.

If Duterte, still a presidential candidate, refuses to have the history of his transactions certified by the BPI, what makes anyone supporting him today think that he would be transparent with government spending and where else the public money goes and worse, how much in kickbacks and under the table commissions does he make for every deal he closes with businessmen who will be plying him with oodles of money just to be able to get a contract with government from him?

And Duterte would hardly care whether his administration is scandal-ridden, he can always ignore exposes on his government.

Filipinos can also expect the military and the police force to become his personal death squad, just as he has made his police force his Davao Death Squad (DDS) to eliminate not convicted criminals, but suspected criminals of petty crimes, poor Filipinos, young and old, who are into drugs, and unarmed, killed on the spot.

It will be like we are back to a martial regime, where critics of Duterte can easily have their lives snuffed out extra-judicially.

Expect too, the diplomatic ties with foreign countries to deteriorate like never before, as Duterte does not give a damn about niceties and diplomatic ties.

Already, with the US merely commenting of the bad taste of his rape joke, as well as the Australian envoy saying the same thing, there went Duterte, telling them to shut up, saying they have no right to interfere in political affairs of the country and that he doesn’t care if the US and Australia cut their ties with the Philippines.

Duterte is full of non-sequiturs. In the first place, the comments made by the Australian and US envoys had nothing to do with interference in domestic affairs because what they stated was against making fun of rape.

In the second place, Duterte does not even see further than his boxer’s nose, considering that he doesn’t realize that not keeping diplomatic ties friendly between countries, will also impact on trade relations and even projects in this country.

Truth is, Duterte is ill-equipped to govern the country as it should be governed.

All he really wants is to get more and more billions for his nest egg and to hell with diplomacy, to hell with anyone who goes against him. To hell with the Constitution. Nothing in the Constitution and the laws will be honored and respected, that is for sure. He is proving this already, and he isn’t even the president of the republic.

As for cases brought before the Supreme Court against him for constitutional grounds, why, should the SC dare to rule against him, he would merely have his DDS shoot these justices dead, and he wouldn’t even care to shed a tear for these murders he ordered committed.

As for impeachment complaints lodged against him, why, he will just kill all the congressmen and senators who will dare have him impeached and convicted.

Meantime, with Duterte pocketing in a huge way, the money of the Filipino people, nothing but nothing will be done for the poor who will continue wallowing in abject poverty.

But, they who vote for Duterte can’t blame anyone but themselves for the dire future facing the country and the nation under a Duterte presidency.

Source: Tribune