World buffet offers take home menu

Dads World Buffet is a top favorite among Filipino diners as it brings together most of the world’s cuisines from China, Singapore, Thailand, Malaysia, Vietnam, Indonesia, India, Brazil, Spain, Greece, United States, Mexico, Italy, Japan and of course, the Philippines.
Aside from its extensive dine-in buffet choices, Dads World Buffet offers a select take home menu for its patrons with affordable prices for access to a mouthwatering plethora of top food picks from the US, Spain, Italy, China, Thailand, Singapore, Japan and the Philippines.
Indulge in an all-time American food journey at home or wherever you choose to dine in style with premium roasts — US roast beef, roast turkey, stuffed turkey, turkey tetrazzini and smoked pork ribs. Feast on their premium and extensive selection of sushi for single or group orders of salmon sashimi, ebi and tuna sushi, golden roll, ishekari roll, California maki and tekka maki.
Setting-up themed lunches, dinners, get-togethers can be fun and unforgettable with Spanish and Italian favorites like Dads Paella and Dads Callos, chicken relleno, lasagna, linguini in carbonara sauce, spaghetti bolognese and penne marinara. Or go Asian with notable dishes from some of Asia’s best, Chinese pata tim, steamed fish fillet with garlic and an array of dimsum delights, or delicious Thai chicken pandan, kaeng karee ki haeng and Singaporean shrimp.
Savor the ultimate Filipino favorites, Kamayan lechon de leche, pritson de leche, litson sisig, litson liempo, crispy pata and bagnet. Dig into irresistible grilled specialties pork BBQ, chicken BBQ and inihaw na baboy Bicol; all-time favorites kare-kare, kalderetang kambing, Yamang Dagat and binagoongang baboy; as well as the must-order pancit palabok, mixed pancit, Bicol Express and crispy crablets.
Dads World Buffet take home menu also present a luscious selection of desserts. To cap your meal off on a sweet note, choose from six decadent whole cakes — S’mores, Black Forest, chocolate, lemon butter, mocha and ube; pastries Red Velvet and chocolate cupcakes, dulce de leche, blueberry cheesecake, chocolate eclair, creme puff and more; and of course, your favorite Filipino desserts, all-year round bibingka, buko pandan, puto bumbong and more.
Dads World Buffet is definitely your go-to dining destination to explore culinary flavors and gastronomic delights. Now, with its take home selections, you can also enjoy these premium, delicious dishes in the comfort of your own home.

Source: Tribune