PUTRAJAYA, The heirs of the former New Straits Times Press (NSTP) photographer Ahmad Irham Mohd Noor are eligible to receive the Social Security Organisation’s (SOCSO) Funeral Management Benefit (FPM) and Survivor’s Benefit.

SOCSO chairman Datuk Seri Subahan Kamal said Ahmad Irham’s widow, Azlimi Ayub@Abdullah, 43, and their two children, aged 14 and 18, will receive a one-time payment of RM3,000 for the FPM benefit and a Survivor’s Benefit of RM2429.38 per month will be paid for life.

“Both children will be eligible to receive the benefits until they reach 21 years old and if they are unmarried, and this can be extended if they continue their education at the first-degree level,’ he said in a statement today.

For the record, SOCSO has enforced the new FPM payment rate at RM3,000 compared to RM2,000 before, and this has come into effect from June 1.

Ahmad Irham, who served the company for almost 20 years until March 2020, died on June 5 to ‘Severe Sepsis With Multiorgan Failure’ after experiencing sympto
ms of fever and bacterial infection in the blood.

According to Subahan, although Ahmad Irham was no longer an active contributor as he was no longer serving with NSTP and carrying out agricultural activities, the existing contribution records have been able to help his heirs to continue life after his death.

“The granting of this benefit proves that every contribution made is for the benefit of the contributor and his dependents in case of calamity,” he said.

Following this he called on employers who have not yet registered and contributed to SOCSO to learn from the incident by carrying out their responsibility of registering their employees and contributing to them for the benefit of all parties, especially during the ‘Whitening Month’ initiative, implemented by SOCSO, which has been extended by one month to June 30.

Earlier, Subahan and other SOCSO representatives presented the SOCSO to Ahmad Irham’s heirs through the ‘Ziarah Prihatin’ Program at their home in Precinct 17 here.

Source: BERNAMA News Ag