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Outsourcing asylum

As the EU considers outsourcing asylum screening to North Africa, our Migration Editor looks at what lessons can be learned from Australia's use of offshore processing for asylum seekers.

Australia’s offshore processing centre for asylum seekers on Manus Island


IOM calls for the inclusion of migrants in TB prevention and treatment strategies

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Geneva -- In today’s increasingly mobile and interconnected world, migration has become an integral part of the lives of about 215 million international and 740 million internal migrants. It also profoundly affects the lives of their families back home,

Migrant Health an Increasingly Important Policy Concern for Asia

Bangladesh - Governments must  play a greater role in ensuring labour migrants can access affordable health care while abroad,  representatives from nine Asian countries heard at a major regional consultation on migrant health which closed in the Bangladeshi capital, Dhaka,

IOM May Assist in Nauru-Cambodia Refugee Relocation

Thailand - IOM has announced that at the request of three of its Member States – Cambodia, Nauru and Australia – it will develop a program aimed at facilitating the relocation and integration of refugees from Nauru to Cambodia.

IOM has

Southeast Asia Study Shows Gaps in Health Care for Trafficking Survivors


Trafficking in persons is a gross violation of human rights that often involves extreme exploitation and abuse. Trafficked persons may have health problems that are minor or severe, but very few escape uninjured. Most people who are trafficked are exposed