n line with efforts towards a corrupt-free government, it is imperative to ingrain value-based governance that incorporates integrity, accountability and transparency in the public service to realise the whole-of-nation approach.

According to the 12th Malaysia Plan (12MP) Mid-Term Review (MTR) released by the Ministry of Economy today, two Big Bold measures, namely Governance and Institutional Framework, and Legislation related to corruption will be realised in enhancing value-based governance.

In order to improve public complaints management, an ombudsman act will be enacted and an ombudsman body introduced in the remaining 12MP period.

The ombudsman act will improve enforcement, and increase transparency and efficiency in addressing public complaints, while the ombudsman body will be empowered to ensure that public complaints are duly addressed and resolved.

The MTR also stated that new legislation on political donation will be enacted to regulate any form of contribution made by individuals and special interest groups.

It said this legislation will forbid funding from any foreign entity for the purpose of political activities and further improve the transparency in political donations.

“These donations will not be confined to only during elections. The legislation will be governed by an independent body to ensure all political parties, politicians, election candidates and political agents are accountable to the rule of law,” the MTR said.

The MTR also highlighted that in order to enhance the function of national audit, the Audit Act 1957 (Act 62) will be amended by expanding the duties of the Auditor-General (AG) to audit companies in which the government has an interest in the form of guarantees, investments and loans guaranteed by the government.

“The amendment will also restrict the AG from being involved in any activities or committees at federal or state levels.

“The role of AG as an independent, transparent and professional entity will be further strengthened to be on par with the standards of Independence of Supreme Audit Institutions and International Organisation of Supreme Audit Institutions,” it said.

Additionally, the report mentioned that provisions on beneficial ownership will be reviewed in the Companies Act 2016 (Act 777) and incorporated in the Limited Liability Partnership Act 2012 (Act 743), in line with the best practices and international standards.

These revised and new provisions will be presented to Parliament during the remaining Twelfth Plan period.

Meanwhile, the National Anti-Financial Crime Centre (NFCC) will be strengthened to coordinate the management of confiscated and disenfranchised property.

This involves the amendment of the National Anti-Financial Crime Centre Act 2019 [ Act 822 ] and other laws under the purview of relevant ministries and agencies.

“In addition, NFCC will outline the proper guidelines and develop a relevant database to facilitate planning and monitoring to address financial leakages and crime,” the MTR said.

Source: BERNAMA News Agency