KOTA KINABALU – The Malaysian Civil Defence Force (APM) has identified approximately 6,000 flood hotspots across the country for the Northeast Monsoon (MTL) season, which is expected to last until next March. This identification marks a critical step in the nation’s preparedness for potential flood disasters.

According to BERNAMA News Agency, APM Headquarters Management Division director, the APM, in collaboration with other agencies, is concentrating efforts on these identified areas. A significant focus of these efforts is to raise community awareness about flood disasters. Dr. Fazli emphasized the importance of this awareness in minimizing the impact of floods. He acknowledged that while floods are inevitable, effective community preparedness can significantly mitigate their adverse effects. This initiative stems from previous experiences where a lack of flood awareness among communities led to more severe impacts due to insufficient early preparation.

Dr. Fazli made these remarks while officiating the commissioning ceremony of the 9th Student Civil Defence Corps (Sispa Corps) at Universiti Malaysia Sabah (UMS) today. He pointed out that as the country’s Natural Disaster Secretariat, the APM is well-equipped and prepared with both the necessary equipment and trained personnel to handle the challenges posed by the MTL.

During the commissioning ceremony, Dr. Fazli mentioned that a total of 139 young officers, comprising students from UMS, were commissioned with the rank of Second Lieutenant (PA) after completing three years of training at UMS. This ceremony underscores the ongoing collaboration between the APM, the Ministry of Higher Education, and Institutions of Higher Learning. This annual program is designed to foster a spirit of integration across age, race, and religion.

Dr. Fazli expressed his hope that the newly commissioned officers would inspire a culture of volunteerism among university students, encouraging them to serve as members of the Civil Defence Force nationwide.