APSARA National Authority to Relocate Stones around Bayon Temple’s Moat

Experts from the APSARA National Authority (ANA) have proceeded to relocate the stones in the southwest moat of the Bayon Temple to keep them in a safe place, according to an ANA’s statement released yesterday.
Mr. Sim Thorn, Deputy Director of the Department of Conservation of Monuments in the Angkor Park and Preventive Archaeology, who in charge of this project, said the stones, which have been scattered in the moat of the Bayon Temple for hundreds of years, contains nearly 3,000 pieces, part of which collapsed from the temple and part of which was transported during the restoration of the Bayon Temple by the French team between 1913-1929.
“Most of the stones we extracted are sandstone, such as roofing stones, beams, pillars, floor tiles, as well as carved stones,” he said, adding that the purpose of relocating the stones out of the moat is to prepare in good order to maintain the reserve for the restoration of the temple.

Source: Agency Kampuchea Press