March 23, 2023

Australia Helps Build Executive Skills for Inclusive Development

Twenty-four (24) Australian Alumni in management positions from government, NGOs, and private sector have completed a short course in Executive Skills for Inclusive Development (Phase 2) recently.

According to the Australian Embassy in Cambodia, the three-day workshop targets development of policies, decisions and actions by Cambodian leaders to reflect a diversity of needs and interests within their communities, including those of disadvantaged and marginalised groups.

The workshop featured four critical learning areas on adaptive and inclusive leadership, decision making and ethics for inclusive development and one-on-one coaching sessions on individual participants’ visions for inclusive development impact at their workplaces through personal project design and implementation.

“It provided a space for us to pause our self and take time to reflect our individual leadership style, and also learning from others,” an alumni participant of the course noted.

This workshop is an example of ongoing support of the Australia Awards Scholarships programme to continue nurturing professional growth of Australian Alumni once they completed their academic journey from Australia, said the embassy, wishing the participants the best of success in their inclusive development journey.

Source: Agency Kampuchea Press