Cambodian Athletes Win More Medals in Kun Khmer and Vovinam

Cambodian athletes have achieved good performances in Kun Khmer with 14 gold medals, followed by Vovinam (10) and Kun Bokator (8).

According to the Cambodian SEA Games Organising Committee (CAMSOC), Kun Khmer has a total of 19 gold medals, of which Cambodian athletes won 14; while for Vovinam and Kun Bokator, Cambodian athletes earned 10 and 8 out of the total 30 and 21 gold medals, respectively.

The most unexpected sports that Cambodia can get gold medals during the regional sport event are Cricket, Fin Swimming, Pencak Silat, Basketball, Sepak Takraw, E-Sports, etc.

Cambodia didn’t expect any or have little expectation for gold medal in the above-said sports, but our athletes actually did very well, especially in Sepak Takraw, Cricket and Basketball by grabbing 4, 3 and 1 gold medals among a total of 20, 8 and 4 gold medals, respectively.

In total, Cambodian athletes concluded the games with a total of 282 medals – 81 gold, 74 silver and 127 bronze, standing at the fourth place on the Medal Table, behind Vietnam which tops the list with 355 medals (136 gold, 105 silver and 114 bronze) and Thailand, the next host country, and Indonesia which occupy the second and third places with 312 medals (108 gold, 96 silver and 108 bronze) and 276 medals (87 gold, 80 silver and 109 bronze), respectively.

The Philippines was ranked fifth with 58 gold, 86 silver and 116 bronze medals while Singapore won the sixth place with 51 gold, 42 silver and 64 bronze medals.

Malaysia came in seventh with 34 gold, 45 silver and 97 bronze medals, followed by Myanmar with 21 gold, 25 silver and 68 bronze medals; Laos with 6 gold, 22 silver and 60 bronze medals; Brunei with 2 gold, 1 silver and 6 bronze medals; and Timor-Leste with 8 bronze medals.

The Official Closing Ceremony of the 32nd SEA Games in Cambodia will take place at the newly-built Morodok Techo National Stadium this evening with more interesting and amazing spectacle.

Source: Agence Kampuchea Presse