KUALA LUMPUR, The National Farmers’ Organisation (NAFAS) today held the closing ceremony of the Ihya’ Ramadan and khatam Quran (completion of reciting the Quran) as part of the initiative to enliven the month of Ramadan, apart from fostering the spirit of love for the Quran.

NAFAS said that the programme, which is the agency’s internal activity, was held at NAFAS Function Hall, Kota Damansara, today.

‘Tadarus (Quran recitation) has been held since the second day of Ramadan, with 50 individuals taking part, consisting of the NAFAS management and staff, and is held every Monday to Thursday after the Zuhurr prayers.

‘This programme, which was organised for the first time, has received a good response among NAFAS staff, and is hoped to make reciting the Quran a practice, thus praising and glorifying the Quran,” it said in a statement.

It also added that the Ihya’ Ramadan, covering activities including tadarus, zakat payment counters and religious lectures, involved NAFAS staff at the headquarters.

‘It is ho
ped that a programme like this will continue in the future, to cultivate soft skills among NAFAS staff,’ it said.

Source: BERNAMA News Agency