Imported Rice a Top Seller at Kg Jelatok Rahmah Sale in Tanah Merah

TANAH MERAH: The Rahmah Sales at Dataran Durian, Kampung Jelatok, has seen a high demand for 10-kilogramme bags of imported rice among its offerings. This sale event has become a significant aid for the local residents, providing essential goods at prices lower than the market rate.

According to BERNAMA News Agency, 44, from Kampung Bukit Tebu, the reduced price of RM27.72 per bag, compared to the regular market price of RM44, represents a substantial saving. Despite the limit of two bags per person, Suhaimi expressed that the purchase is valuable, particularly for his family of five, as it ensures a rice supply for up to two months. He emphasized the importance of such sales events for less fortunate residents, especially during the rainy season when his income as a rubber tapper is impacted.

Siti Norhidayu Abdullah, a 35-year-old villager from Kampung Belimbing, also shared her experience. She noted that the savings from the lower rice prices allowed her to allocate funds for other necessities. As a shop assistant with a husband working in the village, Siti Norhidayu underscored the need for careful budgeting in the face of generally rising prices.

Muhammad Aziman Mohd Anuar, a shop assistant at Blimbey Mini Mart, revealed that they had stocked 200 10-kg bags of the imported rice for the sale. He pointed out that rice, sugar, and cooking oil are among the items most sought after by customers. The one-day sale, which runs from 9 am to 6 pm, is expected to benefit about 1,000 residents in the surrounding area, offering a significant financial relief to the community.