JKKN Celebrates Registration of 43 Inspitari Dance Works with MyIPO

KUALA LUMPUR – The National Department for Culture and Arts (JKKN) has announced the successful registration of 43 Inspitari dance works with the Malaysian Intellectual Property Corporation (MyIPO). The Inspitari concept, a blend of ‘Inspirasi’ and ‘Tarian’, signifies a unique fusion of inspiration and dance.

According to BERNAMA News Agency, the Karya Inspitari Certificates of Recognition for works created from 2010 to 2018 were presented during the 2023 Inspitari ceremony. This event took place at the Malaysian Tourism Centre (MaTiC) Kuala Lumpur on November 4 and 5.

JKKN Director Mohd Amran Mohd Haris explained that the Inspitari ceremony, a biennial event organized by JKKN, offers choreographers from across the country an opportunity to showcase new dance productions. He emphasized that the initiative is part of efforts to foster the creation of dynamic and fresh works in the field of dance.

The ceremony also included the presentation of two awards: the 2023 Best Work Inspitari Award and the Tik Tok All-Time Best Inspitari Award. JKKN Johor emerged as the winner of the Best Tik Tok All-Time Award for their performance of ‘Ketam Bangkang’. Additionally, JKKN Johor’s ‘Tari Hulu Peta’ performance, choreographed by Hamly Shah Ramli, secured the 2023 Best Work Inspitari Award.