Kapit, Sarawak: New Mini Petrol Station with Portable Container System Announced

In Kapit, a new mini petrol station utilizing a portable container system (PCS) will be constructed at Simpang 4, Kampung Sawang, Jalan Lepong Balleh, located approximately eight kilometers from the town center. This announcement was made by Datuk Ewon Benedick, Minister of Entrepreneur Development and Cooperatives, during a groundbreaking ceremony for the project.

According to BERNAMA News Agency, the upcoming petrol station, set to be developed by Koperasi Sungai Kapit Berhad (KSKB), marks the second of its kind in Sarawak to employ the PCS technology and will be cooperatively owned. He highlighted the significance of this development, expressing hope that the petrol station will provide substantial benefits to both the cooperative and the local community, especially those residing in rural areas who require reliable access to fuel supplies.

The first PCS-based petrol station in Sarawak is located in the Bau-Lundu area and is operated by Koperasi Permodalan SALCRA Sarawak Berhad.

Further details were provided about the supportive measures for such initiatives. Ewon noted that his ministry, through the Malaysia Co-operative Societies Commission’s Revolving Capital Fund (TMPSKM), offers financing incentives to eligible cooperatives. These incentives can reach up to RM30 million and extend for a maximum period of 25 years.

As of December 31, last year, Sarawak SKM statistics indicated the presence of 1,159 cooperatives in Sarawak, encompassing 310,125 members. These cooperatives collectively boast assets valued at RM647.5 million and have generated revenue exceeding RM392.6 million.