KOTA BHARU – The Kelantan Civil Defence Force (CDF) is poised to mobilize all its resources in anticipation of the North East Monsoon, expected to commence this month. This readiness is part of a comprehensive strategy to manage potential challenges posed by the monsoon.

According to BERNAMA News Agency, the CDF has allocated significant assets across all 10 districts in the state, including 70 boats, 17 four-wheel drive vehicles, and 12 lorries. These assets have undergone thorough checks and maintenance since September to ensure optimal functionality. “We want everything to go smoothly without any hiccups, especially during crucial moments, if something unexpected happens,” Mohd Adzhar said in an interview with Bernama.

The distribution of these assets will be strategically planned based on the expected scale of floods in various districts, with particular attention to Pasir Mas, Tumpat, and Pasir Puteh. These areas are known for their vulnerability to severe flooding during the monsoon season.

In addition to the physical assets, the CDF has also recalled its volunteer personnel to undergo flood preparedness training. This effort aims to augment the capabilities of the existing 970 personnel. “A total of 900 people has been called to undergo basic technical and logistics training last week, with 300 people for the first session,” Mohd Adzhar stated. Follow-up training sessions are planned to cover various aspects of preparation and familiarize personnel with operational procedures.

Operational readiness extends to the establishment of around-the-clock operations rooms in all 10 districts. “We will station around 100 personnel in each district and maximise office hours to 12 hours,” he added, underscoring the CDF’s commitment to maintaining a high state of readiness.

The CDF is not working in isolation but is closely coordinating with other security agencies. They are also establishing a robust communication network with local communities to ensure that aid and rescue missions are executed swiftly and efficiently.

Mohd Adzhar concluded with a vital message for residents in flood-prone areas, urging them to cooperate and heed evacuation orders from authorities for their safety.