ALOR SETAR, Entrepreneurs under the guidance of the Muda Agricultural Development Authority (MADA) are being given the opportunity to highlight their products, thus increasing their income during the ongoing MADA Lebaran Raya Sales, currently being held at several locations in Kedah and Perlis, until April 9.

MADA chairman, Datuk Dr Ismail Salleh, said that entrepreneurs, especially those in food products, are being given the opportunity to participate in the sales held at supermarkets, which were the focus for visitors in preparation for the upcoming Aidilfitri.

‘Thus far, we have seen that the sales results of the entrepreneurs have exceeded their respective targets, even though it has only been a few days of sales. There are various types of cookies and cakes for Aidilfitri sold by entrepreneurs.

‘MADA bears most of the expenses (business site fees), while the entrepreneurs only contribute a small fee, as a sign of their commitment to this programme,” he told Bernama, after inspecting the booths of ent
repreneurs at Alor Setar Mall, here.

He said that MADA is also grateful to the supermarket management, for always giving the agency good cooperation every year by providing competitive business space to selected entrepreneurs.

One of the entrepreneurs, Shafina Md Fadzil, 44, who has been mentored by MADA for three years, said that the sales programme was highly anticipated, because it was at this time that she could promote her product under ‘Sambal Mak’ label to the public.

‘I sell various types of sambal, including sambal ikan talang, sambal petai, sambal jering and sambal ikan bilis, which can be eaten straight away. I am very happy with the good sales, as these kind of dishes are what people are looking for during the fasting month.

‘Apart from the raya sales, I was also selected by MADA to participate in a few carnivals, including in Sabah, and from there I got more customers, and my products became more known,’ said Shafina, from Tokai, Pendang.

Another entrepreneur, Tarmizi Abu Bakar, 32, took the
opportunity to continue the legacy of his mother, who has been a MADA-mentored entrepreneur for the past 10 years, and he was of the view that sales programmes like this are best used to increase the business network with customers.

‘We have all kinds of raya cookies, using my mother’s special recipes. Biskut kelapa and rempeyek are our best sellers, and well-known under the Wannor Cookies brand,’ he said.

Tarmizi said that his mother, Wan Norizan Wan Ahmad, 56, has a cake-making workshop in Kampung Kubang Pisang, Pendang, and always receives MADA’s support in improving their products.

Source: BERNAMA News Agency