Malaysia Surpasses Trade Union Membership Goal Ahead of 2025 Target

Putrajaya – Malaysia has achieved a significant milestone in trade union participation, recording over one million memberships as of October 30, surpassing the target set for 2025. This development was announced by Human Resource Minister V. Sivakumar at a press conference following the 2023 National Trade Union Assembly held here today.

According to BERNAMA News Agency, this accomplishment marks a proud moment for the ministry, which anticipates further growth in trade union memberships. The minister emphasized the importance of increasing these numbers to ensure a substantial representation of workers in trade unions. The goal is to reach a membership ratio that constitutes half of Malaysia’s total workforce, which currently stands at approximately 16 million.

Sivakumar also addressed concerns regarding employees who may face termination or work disruptions due to boycotts against companies with alleged ties to Israel. He assured that any affected employee has the right to lodge a complaint with the Ministry of Human Resources (KSM). While noting that KSM has yet to receive any reports on this issue, the minister affirmed that the ministry is prepared to investigate any such grievances.

This achievement in trade union membership underscores Malaysia’s commitment to worker representation and advocacy, contributing to a more empowered and protected workforce. The ministry’s efforts to enhance union participation reflect an ongoing endeavor to ensure that a significant proportion of Malaysian workers are represented in labor discussions and negotiations.