SEREMBAN, The Negeri Sembilan government continues the mantai tradition in the state through the ‘Mantai Rayo 2024′, in conjunction with Aidilfitri, involving 20 locations this Sunday (April 7).

Menteri Besar, Datuk Seri Aminuddin Harun, said that the selling price of the meat is RM36 per kilogramme (kg), with a limit of two kg per purchase.

He said that the programme was chaired by the state senior executive councillor Datuk Seri Jalaluddin Alias, and the state Department of Veterinary Services to coordinate the programme as well as facilitate the sale and purchase of meat.

The locations include Dato’ Klana Petra Lela Mohd Yusof Mosque (Sikamat); Sg Landak Mosque (Ampangan); Kg Paya Mosque (Sri Tanjung); Pusat Bandar Palong 4,5,6 (Palong); Waja Flat in Melang (Pilah) and PKD Klawang (Klawang).

‘Mantai tradition is the culture of this state’s community in celebrating Aidilfitri and Aidiladha, making Negeri Sembilan more unique than other states. In addition, there is also the sale of chicken, eggs and ri
ce at reasonable prices,’ he said.

‘To encourage the participation of the ‘pemantai’ (traders), the state government provides an incentive payment in the form of RM3 cash for every kg of fresh solid meat sold,” he told reporters after the pre-launch of the Mantai Rayo programme here, today.

According to him, the state government has allocated RM50,000 as an incentive to traders interested in participating in the programme.

He said that the ‘Mantai Rayo 2024’ programme will be held together with the Jualan Ladang Nismilan Prihatin, Agro MADANI sales and Rahmah Sales, starting at 7 am until stocks run out.

Source: BERNAMA News Agency