PUTRAJAYA, Prime Minister Datuk Seri Anwar Ibrahim has no plans to hold an Aidilfitri celebration at his official residence in Seri Perdana this year but will attend the celebrations organised by the ministries in the states.

Anwar, also the Minister of Finance, said the government is taking frugal measures and wants the action to be emulated by other government agencies.

He called on all agencies and ministries, especially the Ministry of Finance, not to boast about holding the Aidilfitri celebration.

“Don’t compete whose (celebration) is more impressive … the money spent is not even yours,” he said at the Finance Ministry’s assembly here today.

Meanwhile, Anwar said the government’s decision to provide Aidilfitri Special Financial Assistance (BKK) to civil servants was made after taking into account the cost of living, which he said, has slightly increased.

“On Sunday night, I was thinking (about BKK) and could not sleep…It’s not much, but at least it will ease the (civil servants’) burden and mak
e them more motivated to work. Hope the money is spent carefully and prudently,’ he said.

Anwar said he realised that the RM2,000 in Early Incentive Payment of the Public Service Remuneration System Study given to civil servants last month could not cover their needs.

“I have been to Sarawak, Pahang, Perak and Perlis. There are civil servants at the lower level complaining about the increase in the cost of living,” he said.

Yesterday, Anwar announced the Aidilfitri BKK of RM500 to civil servants in Grade 56 and below which will be paid this Friday.

The government also agreed to give Aidilfitri BKK of RM250 each to all government retirees.

Meanwhile, the prime minister also urged all government agencies, statutory bodies and government-related companies to give similar financial assistance to their employees.

“Consider the hundreds of thousands of workers. Reward them to lighten their burden to celebrate Aidilfitri,” he said.

Source: BERNAMA News Agency