JOHOR BAHRU, The Malaysian Road Transport Department (JPJ) has issued 7,473 notices, for various traffic violations on the first day of the Op Khas Hari Raya Aidilfitri (HRA) 2024, which began yesterday.

Its senior director (enforcement), Datuk Lokman Jamaan, said that 25 per cent of the issued notices involve nine major offences, including speeding, running red lights, overtaking at double lines, driving in emergency lanes and cutting queues, using mobile phones while driving and not wearing seat belts or helmets.

‘The 20-day special operation, in conjunction with the Aidilfitri celebration and the school holiday, starting yesterday until April 20, involving 2,000 personnel, focuses on detecting compliance and assessing compliance with safety conditions and regulations, as well as ensuring vehicles are driven safely under the Road Transport Act 1987 (Act 333), the Commercial Vehicle Licensing Board Act 1987 (Act 334) and the Land Public Transport Act 2010 (Act 715).

“To ensure increased compliance, and t
he need to improve driver’s behaviour, JPJ will carry out five types of operations, namely the Op Khas Kenderaan Perkhidmatan Awam (KPA), Op Khas Kenderaan Barangan (KPB), Op Khas Motosikal, Op Khas Sembilan Kesalahan Utama and Op Khas Teknikal.

‘JPJ also conducts inspections at 54 depots and 28 main bus terminals throughout this period, to ensure smoothness and efficiency of public transport service operations, towards improving safety, quality, and user expectations,” he told reporters, at the media briefing for the HRA 2024 at the Pandan rest and service area (RnR) today.

He added that for the first two days of the HRA 2024 in Johor, a total of 4,976 vehicle were inspected, resulting in 1,010 notices issued for various traffic offences, including driving without a valid licence.

‘I would like to advise the public who will be travelling home for the festive season, to prepare themselves in terms of capability and personal health, driving attitude, ensure their vehicles are in good condition, and comply w
ith traffic regulations and JPJ in terms of speed limits, because these are among the factors that can cause public anger and accidents,” he said.

Source: BERNAMA News Agency