Over 6,000 Businesses with total US$2.6 Billion Investment Registered via Online Business Registration

State-run Online Business Registration has registered 6,164 businesses with a total investment capital of US$2,631 million, as it marked the one-year anniversary of its official launching on June 15.
A total of 6,974 businesses have been applied through the Online Business Registration during the year, and 6,164 of which have been approved, according to a press release from the Ministry of Economy and Finance issued on June 15.
Some 810 other applications are in the stage of approving, stated the same source.
Breaking down by sector, business registration on auto export-import and auto repairs accounted for 38.11 percent of the total business applications, followed by real estate sector (10.29 percent), manufacturing (8.53 percent), accommodation and food sector (8.47 percent), vocational, science, and technical activities (7.06 percent), and other sectors (27.55 percent).

In terms of investment amount by sector, construction sector represented 27.27 percent, while real estate sector 15.52 percent, auto export-import and auto repairs 15.40 percent, manufacturing 13.75 percent, financial and insurance 8.94 percent, and other sectors 19.12 percent.
The Online Business Registration system was launched to facilitate and encourage business registration for all companies, especially to support the companies that aim to register and to access credit from the government’s special fund.
New businesses can register on the packet information system at www.registrationservices.gov.kh thus, business and tax certificates as well as all other documents will be provided and received in digital form. Through this platform, complex procedures, repetitive information, time and cost incurred under the old process will be minimised.
All will be automatically shared with the information systems of relevant ministries and institutions for review and approval.

Source: Agency Kampuchea Press