KUALA LUMPUR, The Japan Prize Foundation recently held an award ceremony to confer the Japan Prize on scientists who have achieved creative and dramatic accomplishments in global scientific and technological development, and contributed significantly to realising peace and prosperity for all humanity at Imperial Hotel Tokyo in Tokyo’s Chiyoda Ward.

Prof Brian J. Hoskins of the United Kingdom and Prof John Michael Wallace of the United States (US), were the winners in the field of Resources, Energy, the Environment, and Social Infrastructure; while Prof Ronald M. Evans (US), won the Medical Science and Pharmaceutical Science field.

According to a statement, each field was awarded 100 million Japanese yen together with a certificate and a medal. (100 Japanese yen = RM3.08)

Japan’s Emperor and Empress attended the ceremony alongside heads of the three branches of government and other related officials, representatives from various other elements of society, in addition to 150 guests.

His Majesty the Emperor
delivered remarks, followed by speeches by the three winners, and congratulatory remarks by the House of Councilors President, Hidehisa Otsuji.

Each year, the winners of the Japan prize are recommended by approximately 15,500 prominent scientists and engineers worldwide, and decided by a rigorous examination taking about one year.

This year’s winners were selected from a total of 328 candidates, in which the foundation received 130 nominations for the fields of Resources, Energy, the Environment, and Social Infrastructure, and 198 nominations for the fields of Medical Science and Pharmaceutical Science.

Source: BERNAMA News Agency