IPOH, About 100 congregants of the Sultan Yussuf Rapat Setia Mosque performed the funeral prayer in absentia for the late Megat Ashman Aqif Megat Irman Jefni, 21, a Malaysian student who died in a road crash in Lake Tekapo, New Zealand on Saturday (March 30).

The prayer was led by the mosque’s imam, Muhammad Shamsuddin, and was also attended by Megat Ashman’s grandfather, Megat Khashusaini Megat Abd Rahman, 85, and other family members.

Megat Khashusaini when met said he was grateful that his late grandson was safely buried at the Muslim Cemetery in Bromley, Christchurch.

“We are thankful, Alhamdulillah, that the burial arrangements for my grandson have been completed safely around 9 am today, New Zealand time.

“Thank you to all who prayed and sent their condolences. May the soul of my grandson be blessed by Allah,” he said when met here today.

Megat Khashusaini added that he accepted the decision to bury his grandson in New Zealand.

“I am content with him being buried there, even though previously his
father intended to bring his son’s remains back to be buried in Perak.

“May the soul of my grandson and that of another victim who perished (in the crash) be blessed and placed among the righteous believers,” he said.

In the incident on March 30, another Malaysian student, Wan Nur Adlina Alisa from the University of Canterbury was also killed.

Three other students were injured in the same accident, namely Nur Firas Wafiyyah and Lya Issable Anak Walton from the same university, and Muhamad Faris Mohd Fairusham from Victoria University of Wellington.

Source: BERNAMA News Agency