Three Survive Landslip Incident Unharmed in Ipoh

IPOH – In a fortunate turn of events, two men and a 73-year-old woman miraculously escaped unharmed from a landslip at Kampung Dato Ahmad Said Tambahan Baru 1 in Manjoi near Ipoh this afternoon. The incident occurred on the side of a hillside house and involved substantial earth movement.

According to BERNAMA News Agency, the Perak Malaysian Fire and Rescue Department’s assistant director (operations division), the emergency call about the landslip was received at 4.34 pm. Firefighters from the Meru Fire and Rescue Station (BBP), along with the team from the Pasir Puteh BBP, responded swiftly and reached the scene approximately half an hour later.

The landslip, affecting an area of approximately 10×80 square feet, prompted immediate action from the Pasir Puteh BBP firefighters, who evacuated people from the house. In addition to assisting the residents, Sabarodzi noted that the firemen also removed a van that was caught in the rubble.

The successful evacuation without any injuries marks a significant relief in what could have been a devastating event. The incident underscores the importance of emergency preparedness and quick response in managing natural disasters.