Prime Minister Datuk Seri Anwar Ibrahim wants the younger generation, as future leaders of the country, to possess values and ideals which can bring changes to themselves and society.

Anwar said idealism could help youths to find the meaning of truth and justice and reject any form of cruelty and oppression in the country.

“Now that I have been given the trust, I want to make youths into a new generation who can think, gain knowledge and be able to tell what wrongdoing, cruelty, oppression and cheating are.

“They don’t pay heed to whether politicians, professionals or which parties are involved. A wrong is still a wrong … because by studying and discerning between truth and untruth, youths will not follow blindly,“ he said.

He said this at the “Santai Petang dan Dialog’’ with the Prime Minister at the Langkawi Vocational College here today.

Anwar also reminded youths not to abandon the reading culture because the knowledge gained through reading could help them to evaluate issues and uphold justice.

Asked on youths’ attraction towards social media, Anwar said he preferred to view it from a positive angle, that is ensuring it was used for good purposes and did not become an obsession.

“I do not represent negative views on young people. To me it’s not a burden as long as they do not become obsessed … it is all right if they have values, read and become good human beings and know their priorities,’’ he said.

To a question on the e-Tunai Belia Rahmah aid, Anwar said it would be given out in June.

The RM200 e-Tunai Belia Rahmah assistance involving an allocation of RM400 million is an initiative announced in Budget 2023 to help ease the financial burden of youths aged between 18 and 20.

Source: BERNAMA News Agency