Cash Subsidy for Vulnerable Households Pressured by Inflation

Ministry of Economy and Finance has issued a ministerial decision on the mechanism and legal procedure of cash subsidy programme for vulnerable households during the inflation pressure.
The decision was issued early this month under the name of Deputy Prime Minister H.E. Aun Pornmoniroth, Minister of Economy and Finance and the Chairperson of the National Social Protection Council (NSPC).
The vulnerable households identified will be entitled to three rounds of the cash subsidy – first on Dec. 10, 2022; second on April 10, 2023; and third on July 10, 2023 – through Wing agents across the country.
Each targeted household in Phnom Penh capital will receive 99,900 Riel (about 4,100 Riel equal to US$1) and another 28,000 Riel for one additional family member.
A targeted household in urban areas and rural areas will get 87,300 Riel and 81,300 Riel each respectively, and another 24,000 Riel and 20,000 Riel respectively for one additional family member.
Households adversely affected by the recent flood who already received the cash subsidy for their vulnerability are not entitled to the first round of the assistance under this decision, but will be included for the support in the second and third rounds.
The Ministry of Planning will take the lead in identifying the vulnerable households that fit the cash assistance from the government.
The cash subsidy programme for vulnerable household during the inflation pressure will be implemented within NSPC framework in collaboration with concerned ministries and bodies.

Source: Agency Kampuchea Press