KOTA KINABALU, Sea, river and beach pollution in the Kota Kinabalu city area has become increasingly critical, prompting the Kota Kinabalu City Hall (DBKK) to take concerted action, while hoping to raise the level of public awareness.

In a statement today, DBKK said a collection of 7.5 tonnes of garbage has been recorded in a series of clean-up works carried out by DBKK last week, especially in the Jesselton Point Ferry Terminal jetty area here.

The trash dumped into the waters is believed to have been caused by a change in the wind direction in March, thus polluting the surface of Kota Kinabalu city’s waters and seafront, said the statement.

Acting on this, DBKK through its Solid Waste Management Department carried out cleaning-up works using boats and waste collection vessel, especially in the Jesselton Point Ferry Terminal area as well as Pasar Besar Kota Kinabalu.

DBKK’s monitoring found that most of the garbage pollution in seas, rivers, and along the Kota Kinabalu city coastline originated from vil
lages or water villages (houses built on water) as well as nearby islands.

‘As a short-term measure, DBKK will install rubbish traps in critical water village areas such as Kampung Numbak and the Jalan Saga slums.

“Monitoring and cleaning-up works will be continued in the rivers and coastal areas in Kota Kinabalu by the DBKK’s Sea and River Cleaning Unit, which is under the Solid Waste Management Department,” said the statement.

Also helping out with the cleaning-up works are the appointed concessionaires. The areas targeted include the Sungai Sembulan estuary, Anjung Senja coastline, the rubbish trap in front of the IMAGO shopping centre, Sabah Parks jetty and Likas Bay.

DBKK advises the public not to arbitrarily throw garbage into the rivers, seas and beaches, causing environmental pollution.

The issue of sea, river and coastal pollution must be addressed in an integrated manner with the cooperation of the acting agencies and public’s cooperation.

“The most effective action plan will be drawn up in ov
ercoming the actions of people who throw garbage in the wrong places,” added the statement.

Source: BERNAMA News Agency