KOICA to Offer Online Course on Capacity Building of RSA’s Civil Servants

The Korean International Cooperative Agency (KOICA) launched a new online training programme to help the Royal School of Administration (RSA) of Cambodia.
In its press release AKP received this afternoon, KOICA explained that it conducted the online training course, considering that it would be difficult to conduct an invitational programme in 2021 in the Republic of Korea due to the COVID-19 situation.
The objective of this online training is to strengthen human resource development (HRD) management capacity to lead organisational change and set up a vision for national development, it said.
For the year 2021, it added, KOICA in collaboration with the National Human Resources Development Institute (NHI) of the Republic of Korea has conducted this online training on “Capacity Building for Civil Servants of the Royal School of Administration (Cambodia)”, from Aug. 23 to Sept. 3, 2021.
This twelve-day online training course is for fifteen (15) deputy director-level officials from the RSA, the same source pointed out.
According to the press release, this intensive training course was designed to 1)-improve participants’ capacity for HRD in the public sector, 2)-advance public personnel management and HRD in Cambodia, 3)-pursue common prosperity for Cambodia and Korea through the sharing of development experiences, and 4)-enhance the strategic HRD management capabilities of participants so that Cambodia can establish a strong foundation for government HRD.
The Cambodian participants prepared the country report on the current situation in the country by analysing their own countries’ current issues and challenges as well as circumstances surrounding them.
In addition, training participants will develop an action plan led by Korean professors. This plan will be one of the key documents for programme participants in finding solutions to the problems identified in the country report.
In Cambodia, KOICA works in several technical areas on various programmes and projects that substantially impact Cambodia’s development such as improving students’ nutrition and wellbeing, strengthening teacher capacity, public health, agriculture, infrastructure, and innovation.
KOICA will continue to support and implement programmes in Cambodia that target the development of human resources.
From 1994 until 2020, KOICA invited around 3,200 government officers to participate in short-term training and a Master’s degree programme in the Republic of Korea under KOICA’s Capacity Building Programme.

Source: Agence Kampuchea Press